Testimonials – Family Law

“Getting through this period of my life was definitely made easier by Mr. Weltman’s professional help. I especially appreciated that I was able to keep the house and buy out my husband. It was great that he could also do the real estate work that was involved and do my will afterward… I am looking forward to getting the uncontested divorce.”

K. A.
Toronto, Ontario

“You said if we could iron things out in a reasonable manner I would certainly save a lot of money and heartache. We did. I thank you for your invaluable help.”

H. P.
Thornhill, Ontario

“Thank you for clarifying the issues and doing everything you could for me. Thank you for listening to me. Thank you for giving me the confidence in knowing that there is life after divorce and helping taking some of the pain out of this process… Your bill was more than fair and I will recommend you wholeheartedly.”

M. G.
Vaughan, Ontario

“I thought I had it all worked out with my wife but you pointed out the vagueness inherent in our custody and visitation arrangements. I am so glad I listened to you. More than once my wife has been tampering with our agreed upon timetable. If we had not spelled out my rights in writing I am sure I would have to be going to court. ….fully satisfied with your work. Thanks a million.”

S. K.
North York, Ontario

“Thank you for your words of wisdom and guidance. It is always a pleasure to meet with you and to “chat” with your wonderful receptionist…I enclose the money I owe you (worth every cent)… Best wishes and many thank yous…”

Yours sincerely, J.A-D.
Toronto, Ontario

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