Testimonials – Criminal Law

“You resolved this without a trial and got the Crown to drop the case. Fantastic job!”

M. C.
Toronto, Ontario

“There’s no way I would agree to plead guilty. My wife was lying and I did not assault her… Mr. Weltman said I’d have to go to trial because the prosecutor wouldn’t drop the case… Mr. Weltman was highly effective in Court. He exposed the weakness in their case. It was worth it in the end because my name was cleared. I will never forget your kindness and your ability. My reputation is intact… I am pleased to tell you that my life is back on track and I am remarrying this year.”

Milton, Ontario

“This was the third time you represented me for this kind of problem… And you still got me a great deal. Don’t take this wrong way when I say I hope I never need to see you again.”

M. M.
Scarborough, Ontario

“Thank you, Mr. Weltman, for your persistence in working to get me my discharge. Thank you for the excellent advice and for respecting my privacy. With kindest regards…”

A. S.
Toronto, Ontario

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