Testimonials – Business Law

“…you showed how we could set up our partnership through a company and a shareholder’s agreement. I felt you gave us straightforward, practical advice…The fee was very reasonable and the service was great.”

N. S.
Toronto, Ontario

“I really liked that you had a Policy Statement framed and posted at your entrance. I believe your firm lives up to your policy and especially the part about professional care… I’m sure we will be doing business in the future.”

Markham, Ontario

“…was guided through the whole process of buying this business. Your assistance was invaluable. We’re glad we came in to see you when we did.”

M. F.
Toronto, Ontario

“I couldn’t believe how fast you got me incorporated with all the documents set up so professionally. I was able to get my bank account opened right away. I believe you live up to the motto in your Yellow Pages ad – affordable and effective!”

R. S.
Etobicoke, Ontario

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