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Mission Statement

Affordable and effective, we pride ourselves in resolving conflicts between spouses so that fair Separation Agreements are reached avoiding the high costs and emotional agony of litigation. If your situation in not capable of resolution by agreement, we refer you to effective family trial lawyers to represent you in contested Court proceedings. We believe, however, that most reasonable people can settle their differences affordably and effectively with the guidance of experienced legal counsel.

Our Approach

Negotiating just settlements requires the skill, experience, and compassion which we have acquired over 25 years of practice in Toronto and the surrounding area. Uncontested divorces are the most amicable and cost-effective means of getting on with your life after a fair settlement is obtained covering custody, access, spousal and child support, as well as the division and equalization of property.

Independent Legal Advice

Every Separation Agreement, Marriage Contract, Cohabitation Agreement, Prenuptial Agreement or domestic contract requires the involvement of two separate lawyers. Often, we are called upon and do provide independent legal advice for either the husband or the wife.

The Matrimonial Home

Sometimes it is possible for one spouse to buy out the interest of the other in the matrimonial home, to reduce real estate costs and to maintain continuity of community in the best interests of the children. Our firm is well versed in real estate law and is able to structure these buy-outs affordably and efficiently.

Our Commitment

Straight-forward advice, results-oriented and experienced counsel in your time of need.

Bottom Line

Ability and Accountability. Weltman, Bernstein. Lawyers you can trust.

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